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Part Time Groundskeeper POSITION AVAILABLE

Part Time Groundskeeper POSITION AVAILABLE

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital has a Part Time Groundskeeper position available. Duties shall include but are not limited to lawn maintenance, landscaping, debris removal, general oversight of parking lot and walking trail, etc. Must be proficient in operating lawn equipment and tractor. You may submit your resume along with three professional references via email to kbrown@pmhwv.org. Applications will be accepted until 10 am on 7/8/2020. EOE


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is seeking two Full Time Respiratory Therapists. Candidate must possess strong interpersonal communication and computer skills as well as be self-motivated. Current Respiratory Care Technician license in West Virginia and CPR Certification required.

Send resume along with three professional references to: Katie Brown, HR Director, PMH, 150 Duncan Rd, WV 24924 or email to kbrown@pmhwv.org by 10 am on 7/10/2020. EOE



Chris Reece, FNP, is ready to welcome new and returning patients to the PMH Rural Health Clinic.

BUCKEYE, WV – The Rural Health Clinic at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the recent addition of Chris Reece to their medical staff. Chris is a Family Nurse Practitioner and received a Master’s of Science Degree from Chamberlain University College of Nursing in Downers Grove, Illinois in 2019. He received his undergraduate degrees in nursing from Davis and Elkins College and the University of Texas-Arlington.

Chris is already a familiar face around PMH. He completed 359 hours of on hands-experience in his practicum under the supervision of Dr. Thorne and Donna Lidel-Burley, FNP. Chris has also worked in the PMH Emergency Department on both a part time and full time basis as a Registered Nurse. He is a member of the Snowshoe Mountain Ski Patrol and Rapid Response Team.

Chris is married and he and his family live in Marlinton. He mostly recently finished a 6 week stint working in internal medicine in the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak in New York City.

Chris is excited about joining the RHC staff and getting to know his new patients. Chris will be seeing a continuum of ages consistent with family practice including adult, geriatric, and women’s health. “I look forward to serving the community by improving healthcare and the healthcare needs of those in Pocahontas County,” he says.

The RHC offers a full range of medical services including care for illness and chronic disease management, well child checks, immunizations, and physical examinations, in addition to women’s and children’s health services.

The PMH Rural Health Clinic is open to all and located inside the hospital, which allows patients access to lab and x-ray services without having to go through the emergency department. You may make an appointment with Chris or one of our other providers by calling 304-799-6200. Walk-ins are also welcome. The clinic is open Sunday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Registration for the clinic is at the front desk of the hospital.


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is seeking a PRN Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department for various shifts. Candidate must have one year of nursing experience, possess strong leadership, interpersonal communication, and computer skills as well as be self-motivated. Current RN license in West Virginia, CPR, and ACLS required.

Send resume along with three professional references to: Katie Brown, HR Director, PMH, 150 Duncan Road, Buckeye, WV 24924 or email to kbrown@pmhwv.org by 10 am on 6/26/2020. EOE

Health Fairs and Youth Health Fair Update

Health Fairs and Youth Health Fair Update

In March, we made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s community Health Fairs, with hopes to reschedule later in the Spring or Summer. Unfortunately, as we now approach June, we are still unable to reschedule these important events due to crowd size and event restrictions, social distancing requirements, and the uncertainty of just where we are with the COVID-19 outbreak within our state.

This means that our Youth Health Fair, normally held in June, will also have to be cancelled. Please understand this is hard news for us to share; especially as we begin to see businesses opening back up and we all yearn for a sense of normalcy. We know how important these events are to our county, but we must do our part to keep our communities and our staff safe.

The same staff that bring the Health Fairs to our towns around the county are the ones that take care of you in our hospital and clinic. We still hope that we will be able to reschedule our Health Fairs for late summer or fall, but at this time we are unable to say that with any certainty of when.

Please stay safe and healthy!


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is seeking a PRN Speech Therapist.  Candidate must possess strong interpersonal communication and computer skills as well as be self-motivated.  Duties include: assessment and treatment of inpatients, outpatients and skilled nursing (Swing bed), and documents in electronic health record.  Current WV license and CPR Certification required.


Send resume along with three professional references to: Katie Brown, HR Coordinator, PMH, 150 Duncan Rd., Buckeye

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is currently seeking a PRN Physical Therapist.  Candidate must possess strong interpersonal communication and computer skills as well as be self-motivated.  Job duties include: assisting and treating inpatients, outpatients and skilled nursing and rehabilitation, and documents in electronic health record.  Current PT certification in West Virginia and CPR Certification required. 


Send resume along with three professional references to: Katie Brown, HR Director, PMH, 150 Duncan Rd., Buckeye, WV  24924 or email to kbrown@pmhwv.org   EOE


BUCKEYE, WV – Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that Richard R. Durham, DO, FCCP, a Pulmonary Specialist, is joining Pocahontas Memorial Hospital on July 1, 2020.  Dr. Durham will be leading a brand new Pulmonary Clinic to be constructed on the hospital site.

Dr. Durham received his medical degree from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in 1988.  He also completed an Internal Medicine Program at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Durham has the distinction of being the second Osteopathic Physician to complete this program and was the first Osteopathic Physician to complete a Fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine, sponsored by UVA.

Dr. Durham is a native of Hurricane, West Virginia; while his wife is a native of Lewisburg.  After working several years in Kinston, North Carolina; Lewisburg; and Salem, Virginia, Dr. Durham returned to Lewisburg once again to practice Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Durham is looking forward to starting his new practice at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital and sees it as a good fit. “It comforts me to be able to help patients with pulmonary and sleep issues.  PMH has in place the basic tools that are needed to care for the patients I typically see,” he says.

Dr. Durham will diagnose and provide treatment for patients with lung disease and airway disorders such as COPD, asthma, chronic lung infections, respiratory failure and lung cancer. In addition, he will provide treatment for patients with sleep disorders.

“We feel extremely fortunate to have Dr. Durham join our PMH family in July.  Our Community Health Needs Assessment identified the need for access to care for specialty clinics like pulmonology.  We are excited to expand our out-patient pulmonology services and meet the needs of our residents in Pocahontas County,” says Mary Beth Barr, Chief Executive Officer at PMH.

For information or scheduling, please contact us at 304-799-7400 extension 1118.

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is a Critical Access Hospital located in Buckeye, West Virginia with a diverse range of services including a federally designated Rural Health Clinic, Behavioral Health Clinic, and an off-site Rehabilitation services.



April 23, 2020

Story by Tim Walker

We are all grateful that, so far, the virus causing Corona virus Disease has not been found in Pocahontas County. West Virginia so far has fared better then most states, and we all are optimistic that Governor Justice may soon begin to slowly open the state. Even so, as Dr. John Ioannidis Professor of Epidemiology at Stanford University has recently pointed out -this virus can still have some late surprises.

So, in this final portion of our interview with Mary Beth Barr, the CEO of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, we learn the preparations PMH has made, just in case we should see one of those late surprises here.

Mary Beth, what if, God forbid, PMH were to suddenly receive a number of COVID-19 patients -is the hospital prepared to handle that?

“We are prepared” Barr answered. “We have designated certain areas of the hospital as the sick areas. We have recognized that we needed negative air pressure rooms -we only had one. We have two or three units that can make our rooms negative air pressure. We do have a few ventilators here that if we had to make a mini-ICU – Intensive Care Unit. We have nurses who are trained in ICU and are ALS -Advanced Life Support -certified that could handle those patients if we were unable to transfer the very sick ones out. So, we are prepared.”

“We’ve been very fortunate so far that Pocahontas County has not had a positive report” Barr added. “And it looks like things are peaking in West Virginia as predicted, and hopefully things will flatten out by the end of the month and maybe we can get back to business as before.”

Does PMH have adequate numbers of personal protection equipment (PPE), like masks, gloves and gowns?

“Yes, we are keeping a diligent watch on those supplies” Barr replied. “Each employee gets one mask per day. And of course, more if that mask becomes soiled or contaminated. We have had the community, who has just responded in so many ways, supply us with cloth masks that we use to cover up our paper masks and then those are washed daily. Our Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Jason Scotchie, is an RN and a Paramedic who has done a great job. We’ve received some extra equipment from the state. And right now we have enough supplies that would get us through the next several weeks if nothing changes in our usage.”

Thank you, Mary Beth, -is there anything else you would like to say to our listeners?

“No, I just have to give kudos to both our medical staff and our employees here who have been so dedicated and engaged” Barr said. “They are putting their work in front of their families. I do a daily update here thanking them every day (and) encouraging them to change clothes before they leaver the hospital, or change as soon as they get home to protect their families, because they really are giving up a lot by coming to work every day. They are not complaining. They are waiting and ready, and we hope we really don’t get that influx of very sick patients, but we’re here to serve and take care of our community, and we are so blessed to have this hospital and to have the engaged employees that truly-truly care. And kudos to our Board members who have been very engaged every day, but especially during this crisis. They’ve called, they’ve checked on us. We’ve had a lot of little meetings in between to let them know, and I send them the updates as well. So, everyone is ready and waiting. And, again, I would like to thank the community for their support of our employees during this crisis.”

Hopefully this four-part interview has helped clarify for our listeners the present status of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, both its financial situation and its preparedness to serve the community.



Continuing our multipart interview with the CEO of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, Mary Beth Barr. she talks about solutions PMH has to shore up the financial challenges that she described in the previous portion of this interview.

“We did go for a line-of-credit, and we were successful in getting a half a million dollars line of credit available to us if needed” said Barr. “We’ve also received accelerated Medicare payments. This is a type of loan where Medicare -based on the amount of payments they made to us I think last July through December- has sent money ahead of time in an accelerated payment form for us to utilize. This is considered a loan, and it will be repaid. So far we’ve received 1.6 million dollars from an accelerated Medicare payment program. We’re going to tuck that back and hope we don’t have to touch it, but it is there if we need it, because that will have to be repaid.”

The American Hospital Association provided a bill for all hospitals to receive stimulus money” added Barr. “It was based on a formula, I think they originally requested twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) per bed, of course, we did not receive that. But we received just around three hundred and sixty thousand dollars ($360,000.) And that does NOT need to be repaid.”

“Our out-patient revenues are still declining due to this virus” Barr said. “We’re really only getting very sick people to the hospital, but good news is that our in-patient census has remained steady. And our Swing-Bed program has remained steady. And that is bringing in some revenue to add to these other revenue sources.”

“Other funding sources that we have reviewed and are going after are FEMA grants -and those do apply to us, being a local government entity. Also, there is a new grant that is not defined yet, it’s called the Public Health and Emergency Social Services Emergency Fund. That also applies to all public funded hospitals and we are eligible for that, so as soon as we get more information, we will seek that funding.  And then there is a rural health grant that’s called (the) Small hospital Improvement Grant and the initials are S.H.I.P. That is a grant that we are eligible for and we are going to apply for that. We can receive up to ninety-thousand dollars ($90,000) in that grant to assist us with any costs, especially with equipment, etc. related to the COVID-19 virus. Now, the big one is through the Small Business Association – the Pay check Protection Program. And, unfortunately, because we are county-owned, we are not eligible yet for that program. They only recognize small businesses -for profit and non-profit- with less then five-hundred beds, however, no governmental businesses can apply.  The (U.S.) Senate and the House are reviewing this, and are afraid they may have to do something legislatively. I have contacted both Senator Manchin’s and Senator Capito’s offices and discussed this. I’ve been on the phone with our West Virginia Hospital Association and our American hospital Association also is very much aware of this. I think it was a doughnut-hole that wasn’t intended to happen, but there are several hospitals in the U.S, that will not receive this stimulus unless there is something done legislatively. There are about six-hundred (600) rural hospitals that are government owned currently, and PMH is one of those. So, we are going to keep our eye on that. We have prepared our application, and have it ready to go, once we get notification that we are eligible. “

“So, we feel like our finances are pretty stable at this time, and we are hoping that this month will be the end of our decline in our out-patient, but time will tell.”

Since this interview, Governor Justice announced at his April 20th press conference that on April 27th, he will be lifting the elective procedures ban for hospitals which meet conditions which he did not specify. Hopefully, PMH will meet those conditions, which could fix their out-patient revenue declines.

Be sure to listen for the third part of this interview, in which Barr talks about PMH’s decision to hire Doctor Durham, who is currently in practice as a Pomologist in Greenbrier County. She also describes PMH’s telemedicine program, which is so important during this viral emergency.

View original article here.