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Pocahontas Memorial Hospital has a full-time Patient Account Representative position available.  Duties shall include but are not limited to facilitate and expedite insurance claims & denials, assisting patients with payments/phone inquiries.  Candidate must have strong interpersonal communication skills and proficiency in use of PC, internet and Microsoft Office.  Medical claims billing experience preferred.

You may submit your resume along with three professional references via email to kbrown@pmhwv.org.  Applications will be accepted until 10 am on 4/6/2020.  EOE

New Procedures Regarding Coronavirus

In light of the unfolding situation across the nation in regard to the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Pocahontas Memorial Hospital will be implementing some new procedures in the registration/presenting process.

Patients and visitors could be isolated if they have had symptoms such as a cough, fever and shortness of breath, or been exposed to a person who has suspected coronavirus.

In addition, effective today and until further notice, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital will implement its Temporary Patient Visitation Policy due to potential exposure to coronaviruses currently sweeping the nation. PMH is working closely with the Pocahontas County Health Department and joins other healthcare entities in our area to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and staff. The following protocols will be in place and we respectfully request your cooperation:

  • No visitors with flu-like illness, fever, or cough
  • No visitors under age 18
  • Only immediate family or partner will be allowed to see patient

These restrictions are part of an effort to keep our hospital environment as healthy as possible for our patients. The community will be notified when we lift this temporary restriction.

New Procedures Regarding Coronavirus


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is seeking a PRN Respiratory Therapist. Candidate must possess strong interpersonal communication and computer skills as well as be self-motivated. Current Respiratory Care Technician license in West Virginia and CPR Certification required.

Send resume along with three professional references to: Katie Brown, HR Director, PMH, 150 Duncan Rd, WV 24924 or email to kbrown@pmhwv.org by 10 am on 3/18/2020. EOE


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is seeking a full time Nurse Aide/Ward Clerk for various shifts. Job responsibilities will include: taking/recording vital signs, patient registration, general patient care, etc. Candidate must possess good interpersonal communication and computer skills as well as be self- motivated. High school diploma or equivalent required. Previous experience in medical field and/or medical terminology preferred.

You may pick up an application from Registration or submit your resume along with three professional references to: Katie Brown, HR Coordinator, PMH, 150 Duncan Rd. Buckeye, WV 24924 or email to kbrown@pmhwv.org. EOE

Rehabilitation Services Office Assistant

Rehabilitation Services Office Assistant

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is seeking a PRN Rehabilitation Services Office Assistant to be responsible for scheduling/pre-authorizing outpatient appointments, maintaining outpatient medical records, entering patient charges and assisting in patient care with the therapist. Candidate must possess good interpersonal communication and computer skills as well as be self-motivated. Previous medical experience/knowledge preferred.

Submit a resume and 3 professional references to kbrown@pmhwv.org or deliver to Katie Brown, HR Director 150 Duncan Rd. Buckeye, WV 24924 by noon on 1/24/2020. EOE

PMH to Open Behavioral Health Clinic

You have visited multiple medical professionals with no relief for your symptoms: headache or abdominal pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, unexplained weight loss or gain. Often the only medical professional left to visit is a psychiatrist, but these symptoms are not all in your head. They are very real.

Reconsider visiting a mental health professional if you’ve had long term, unexplained symptoms. The reason is that depression or anxiety could actually be the explanation. Often people find relief from chronic, unexplained physical complaints by treating underlying conditions such as depression or anxiety, conditions that are historically overlooked and undertreated.

The mind-body connection is well established, but mental health treatment still suffers from stigma and misconception. The belief that one can just “snap out” of depression with a tug of the bootstraps is widely held, but incorrect. Depression and anxiety are medical conditions like diabetes. And like diabetes, it cannot be treated by a decision to just snap out of it.

In many cases, however, treating underlying depression or anxiety brings rapid relief of long-suffered aches and pains.

Depression and anxiety are very common in older adults, but not commonly diagnosed or treated. Research shows that the majority of older adults and their loved ones accept their symptoms of depression as a consequence of the many losses experienced as people age: retirement, loss of social contact and driving privileges, loss of friends, loss of spouse or other loved ones, loss of income. There also remains a strong stigma attached to mental health treatment that prevents many patients from seeking treatment, even when they know they need help.  It is particularly important for older patients or their families to recognize that depression is not normal at any age, and it is not just an acceptable fact of growing older.

Until recently, convenient access to this kind of treatment has not always been easily available. Now residents of Pocahontas County and surrounding areas can benefit from treatment under the care of a board-certified psychiatrist through Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s soon to open Behavioral Health Clinic, an outpatient mental health service specifically for older adults. 

The program will begin January 2, 2020 and operate Monday through Friday. The clinic will be located in the former medical office of Dr. Soriano on Duncan Road.  Individuals may self-refer or their primary care or other provider can refer them by contacting the clinic.  Each referred individual will receive a free assessment from the program prior to beginning treatment, which will determine if they would benefit from treatment.

Angela Lester, a familiar face in the mental health field in Pocahontas County, has been selected as the Program Director for the new clinic and is excited to bring these needed services to the area.  She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with nearly 30 years of experience working in the behavioral health, substance abuse, geriatric, and medical fields.

“Once admitted to the program, patients participate in up to three group therapy sessions a day with physician management of their mental health medications, and may receive individual and/or family counseling as needed,” says Lester. The program coordinates medication management, therapy, and discharge planning with other medical providers as needed and appropriate. Participants may initially come daily, depending on their needs, with participation tapering off to fewer visits as their symptoms subside. The average individual generally spends an average of about 12 to 16 weeks in the program, which is typically covered by medical insurance.

The “other expense” of their personal time is also an investment toward reducing overall medical costs. Persons with untreated mental health conditions like depression average 50% higher overall medical expenses.

There are many benefits of treatment, and with today’s convenient access to it, there are hundreds of potential patients in the community who would otherwise fail to get the help they need.  For more information, contact the Behavioral Health Program Director Angela Lester at 304-799-7400 or arlester@pmhwv.org.

PMH to Open Behavioral Health Clinic


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is seeking a PRN Phlebotomist for various shifts. Candidate must possess strong interpersonal communication skills as well as be self-motivated. Phlebotomy certification required, experience preferred.

Send resume along with three professional references to: Katie Brown, HR Coordinator, PMH, 150 Duncan Rd., Buckeye, WV 24924 or email to kbrown@pmhwv.org by noon on 12/13/19. EOE

PMH and IGA Celebrate Diabetes Day

To celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Day Month, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital teamed with the Pocahontas IGA to host diabetes friendly “tasting stations” around the store last Tuesday. PMH staff manned the stations, offering free samples, recipes, and healthy tips. Recipes revolved around traditional Thanksgiving foods with a slightly more healthy twist. Stations included cranberry spinach salad in the produce section, pumpkin pie parfaits in the dairy section, orange roasted turkey in the meat section, and a very low carb cauliflower stuffing in the deli area.

The day was a fun event to raise awareness of diabetes and share a healthier way of cooking. Many shoppers immediately began looking for ingredients to prepare the recipes and commented that they would not need to cook dinner after they got home because they were having so much fun visiting the different stations. The day was possible through the work and collaboration of PMH and IGA, but was funded by a grant from the Snowshoe Foundation.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Pocahontas County has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the state with almost 11% of our population aged 20 or older being told by a doctor that they have diabetes. Not included in this are the many folks who are at risk for diabetes or have pre diabetes or simply do not know that they have diabetes. Almost 26 million people in the United States have diabetes and it is estimated that as many as one in every three adults will have the disease by the year 2050.

PMH hosts a Diabetes Support Group on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Join us on Tuesday, January 21 for our next meeting at 6:30pm. Meetings are a time of education and fellowship. For more information about the Support Group or diabetes education at PMH, contact Terry Wagner at 304-799-7400. You may also visit our website at www.pmhwv.org/pmhdiabetes to learn more about the many opportunities we offer for education and support.

PMH and IGA Celebrate Diabetes Day


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital has a Full-time Housekeeper position available. Candidate must possess good interpersonal communication skills as well as be self-motivated. Entry level knowledge; basic employment skills; High School diploma or GED equivalent required. Previous housekeeping experience preferred.

You may pick up an application at Registration or submit your resume with three professional references to: Katie Brown, Director of Human Resources, PMH, 150 Duncan Rd, Buckeye, WV 24924 or email at kbrown@pmhwv.org. Applications will be accepted until 10 am on 10/30/19. EOE

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Recognized at PMH

PMH employees wore pink on October 9th in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Day and Month.

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital employees – men and women alike – wore pink on Wednesday, October 9 to raise awareness of breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and at 10am on Wednesday, breast cancer survivor Cheryl Cain read a proclamation declaring it Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the hospital.

Cain who was diagnosed with breast cancer over two years ago and completed dozens of rounds of radiation before being declared cancer free, spoke about her experience and implored the women in attendance to get regular mammograms. Donna Lidel-Burley, a family nurse practitioner at the hospital, also spoke about her experience with breast cancer. A pink-bedecked wreath was hung on the front door and Barbara Campbell (a 29 year breast cancer survivor) distributed literature, cupcakes, and pink punch in the front lobby to hospital visitors, patients, and staff.

Overall rates of breast cancer occurrences are decreasing, but it is still the second leading cause of death among women, according to the American Cancer Society. One in every eight women has the chance of developing breast cancer sometime in her life. Over three-fourths of the breast cancers diagnosed each year occur in women who are 50 or older; this is why it is extremely important to get a mammogram every year after the age of 40. For women ages 20 to 39, mammograms are recommended every three years.

Regular mammograms are even more important for women who smoke. The National Cancer Institute recently reported that there is a direct correlation between smoking cigarettes and increased risks for developing breast cancer. In addition to causing lung cancer, tobacco use also increases one’s chances of developing cancers of the mouth, lips, nose and sinuses, voice box, throat, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, uterus, cervix, colon/rectum, and ovary, as well as acute myeloid leukemia. It also raises the risk of many other health problems, including heart and lung diseases.

Early detection can save your life – please schedule a mammogram today!

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Recognized at PMH