Give a little.  Help a lot.  Pocahontas Memorial Hospital has served the community for over one hundred years – help us make our Capital Campaign a success so we will be ready for another one hundred years!

Side by side comparison of a new patient room featuring new paint, lighting, flooring, bedcovers, curtains, and furniture and the old room.

Our Goal.

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital has launched an ambitious goal to raise $250,000 to refurbish all ten patient rooms in the facility.


New sink and closet storage area.

New rooms will include built-in furniture (wardrobe and dresser), sleeper chair, sink and bathroom areas with touchless faucets, new flooring and paint, curtains, bed covers, LED lighting, and a flat screen TV.  All rooms were outfitted with state of the art beds with special comfort and safety features in January 2014.

How You Can Help.

Your gift will truly enhance healthy lifestyles and help save lives. No contribution is too small – sometimes the smallest gift can make the biggest impact.

Monetary contributions, life insurance policies, estate bequests, and stock options are all wonderful ways you can help.

Every Contribution Counts.

Each and every contribution is important and will be publically recognized by the facility in a special annual report published in the Pocahontas Times and on this website.  No contribution is too small – sometimes the smallest gift can make the biggest impact.  Join with us to raise sufficient funds to renovate and strengthen our services for you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors.

Incentives for Contributing.

Large gifts will be recognized by a plaque outside the patient room, while smaller gifts over $500 will be recognized on a listing in the lobby. The cost to refurbish an entire room is $20,000.

For both individuals and businesses, the following gift levels and recognitions are in place:

Bronze: $1-$499

Silver: $500 (name displayed in lobby)

Gold: $5,000 (includes ¼ plaque outside room)

Diamond: $10,000 (Includes ½ plaque outside room)

Platinum: $20,000 (Includes full plaque outside room)

How to Contribute.

Checks may be mailed to Pocahontas Memorial Hospital Capital Campaign at 150 Duncan Road, Buckeye, West Virginia 24924.  Credit card payments are also accepted.  We are more than happy to help you set up an installment plan if you would like to spread a gift out over several months or even years.  Please contact our Administration Office at 304-799-1020 for any additional information.

Thanks to these Business Partners for their Generous Contributions:

Garber Concrete Work, Arbovale, West Virginia

Glades Building Supply, Marlinton, West Virginia

The Green Bank Observatory, Green Bank, West Virginia

Mitchell Chevrolet, Marlinton, West Virginia

Bialek Nationwide Insurance, Marlinton, West Virginia

The Outhouse, Green Bank, West Virginia

Pendleton Community Bank, Marlinton, West Virginia


 Give a little.  Help a lot.