Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay Taylor, PharmD., lives in Greenbrier County and works occasional shifts at PMH Pharmacy.

Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter, PharmD., travels from Nicholas County to fill in at PMH Pharmacy as needed. He owns and operates Appalachian RX in Webster Springs.

Kari Cooper

Kari Cooper, PharmD., is a 2009 graduate of the WVU School of Pharmacy. She has been the Pharmacy Director for PMH since 2013 and was part of the development team that worked to bring PMH Pharmacy to life. Kari currently resides in Marlinton with her husband and children.

Olivia Kesling

Olivia Kesling, Barista, recently moved to Pocahontas County from Bridgeport. She is not only our barista, she is also training to become a pharmacy technician.

Lisa Burdette

Lisa Burdette, Certified Pharmacy Technician, was a technician and manager of Pocahontas Pharmacy for 15 years. She is excited to have the opportunity to come back and be a part of the PMH Pharmacy team.

Kelley Warner

Kelley Warner, Certified Pharmacy Technician, was a technician for both Pocahontas and Green Bank Pharmacies for over 8 years. She is happy to be back serving familiar faces every day.

Quinlynn Hatfield

Quinlynn Hatfield, PharmD., is a recent graduate of South College School of Pharmacy. She moved to the area when she married Anson “Bubby” Hatfield and is excited to be a part of our PMH Pharmacy Team.

PMH Pharmacy

Amy Kelley, PharmD., is a Pocahontas County native and 2014 graduate of WVU School of Pharmacy. Amy is a familiar face and has been a part of the pharmacy team at the hospital for more than 8 years. Amy has been instrumental in the development of PMH Pharmacy and is currently leading operations as the […]