Dining with Diabetes Wraps Up Until Fall

The fall 2014 class of Dining with Diabetes held a reunion on Monday, January 19 at the Marlinton Presbyterian Church to follow up from their month long series of classes in October. The 2014 class was the largest class ever in the 15 years that Dining with Diabetes has been held in Pocahontas County with 22 participants. Diabetes is a common, serious, and costly disease. Luckily, many complications of diabetes can be controlled and even prevented by making lifestyles changes. The Dining with Diabetes program helps people make these lifestyle changes through clinical testing, nutrition information, recipe demonstrations, exercise, and group support.

After participating in the program, attendees report better eating and cooking habits, as well improved A1C numbers and blood pressures. The Dining with Diabetes program is presented by the Pocahontas County WVU Extension Service and Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. Shirley Wilkins and Terry Wagner team together to teach and lead the classes, along with numerous volunteers and PMH staff members. The 2014 class series could not have been possible without the financial assistance of the Snowshoe Foundation, who will again provide funding for the program in 2015.

The classes are free and open to people with diabetes and their family members or those interested in learning how to cook in a diabetes-friendly manner. The next class series will begin in October and be located in Hillsboro.