Pulmonology Clinic

Our Pulmonology Clinic can diagnose and provide treatment for patients with lung disease and airway disorders such as COPD, asthma, chronic lung infections, respiratory failure and lung cancer. In addition, he can provide treatment for patients with sleep disorders.

Where is the Pulmonology Clinic?

The Pulmonology Clinic is located in its own separate building, located to the far right of the hospital main facility with convenient parking just in front of the building.

Dr. Allyn Resch, MD

Pulmonology Clinic

Dr. Resch is a Mississippi native and completed medical school as well as post-graduate training in pulmonary and critical care from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. During the Covid-19 crisis she traveled around the nation providing care for patients requiring ICU care. Since then she has worked with patients with “long Covid” in clinic as well as those with other pulmonary illnesses.