Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing excellent healthcare services. We have developed Commitment to Excellence Standards that involve every aspect of care that occurs in our healthcare organization. All PMH employees are expected to help fulfill our mission to provide compassionate and quality healthcare.
Employees of PMH from various departments developed these performance standards. The standards provide guidance for the manner in which service is provided. This is our opportunity to make a difference in the care and treatment of each person we encounter whether a patient, guest, or coworker.
Consistency and integrity will be a result of following these standards. All PMH employees are held accountable for making these standards work. Many of the standards on the following pages are
already in place and performed naturally. By creating performance standards for all employees to follow, we will develop a culture of excellence.
The PMH family includes departments within our organization. These standards apply to everyone connected with PMH; we must work together to meet the needs and expectations of our patients, clients, community and co-workers.

Barbara W. Lay, CEO
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital