Health Needs Assessment

In 2013, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital conducted its first Community Health Needs Assessment to identify health issues and community needs impacting the health of Pocahontas County residents.

The document below is the third follow-up assessment to be completed since 2013 and was completed and approved by the PMH Board of Directors in May 2022. The results of this Community Health Needs Assessment have been used to inform Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s staff and board with regard to how the hospital can positively impact the health of residents in its service areas as part of the hospital’s strategic planning process.

The Needs Assessment sought the participation of a wide circle of interested Pocahontas County residents through the use of interviews and surveys. It used multiple data collection tools and methods, both qualitative and quantitative, to conduct an epidemiological needs assessment of the factors that impact the health of Pocahontas County residents. Key points of this report include the influence of the county’s demographic, geographic, socio-economic, clinical care, and physical environments on the health outcomes of Pocahontas County residents.

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital sought to be as inclusive as possible and incorporated the perspectives of diverse members of the community in terms of age, race/ethnicity, gender, profession, and geographic location. Meaningful partnerships have been developed with local agencies and community individuals in an effort to identify and mobilize community assets that will be used in the longer term strategic process.