New Option for PMH Patient Identity Theft Protection

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is partnering with CrossChx, a leader in healthcare intelligence solutions, to offer patients an advanced new option to protect against personal medical identity theft. The system works by scanning a patient’s finger, instantly verifying their medical identity and linking them to their medical benefits so no one else can use them. In addition, the new program will eliminate duplicate records and improve patient outcomes.

Nationwide, medical identity theft is on the rise, and it is estimated that Americans spend $40 billion annually on medical identity theft. On a personal level, it is possible for someone to find or steal your health insurance card and use it to get treatment, all while posing as you. This new option at PMH will prevent that from happening because your medical identity will be instantly verified at registration through your finger print.

In two years, this new technology from CrossChx has protected over 6 million patient identities at other health care systems. PMH staff is working hard to offer this additional safeguard for patients, but the program is ENTIRELY voluntary and NOT required to receive care. This new protection will be available beginning Tuesday, November 18.