Outpatient Nursing Center Serves Community Needs

Previously called the “Outpatient Infusion Center,” Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s newly renamed “Outpatient Nursing Center” is filling a huge need in our county for transfusions, wound care, and other treatments that require nursing assistance, but not a physician.

Before the Outpatient Nursing Center opened in December, patients would have to travel to a facility outside the county to receive certain medical treatments. If a treatment had to be done multiple times throughout the day, a patient would either have to make multiple trips or spend the entire day at that hospital.  With the Outpatient Nursing Center located in county, getting treatment is convenient, fast, and without many of the hassles of larger facilities.

Susanne Rimm, of Arbovale, was the center’s very first patient in December and had been traveling out of the county to receive her critical saline IV therapies. Even with an appointment, if the unit got busy with emergencies or surgeries, she would often have to wait one or two days to receive therapy. “At PMH, if I have to have treatment I could do it today if there’s space.  That wasn’t even a possibility before,” Susanne says.

Some of the services available are:

  1. IV therapies
  2. Blood and medical transfusions
  1. Wound care
  2. Port flushes
  3. Allergy injections
  4. Cancer Adjunct therapies such as neulasta and neupogen
  5. Routine medication injections
  6. Dressing changes

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital staff feel extremely gratified to be able to offer these services and help an additional group of people seeking healthcare and treatment. For referrals or more information about the Outpatient Nursing Center, please contact Ronda Shaw at 304-799-1303.