PMH Auxiliary Fundraiser a Huge Success

Since 1972, the PMH Auxiliary has employed various fundraising efforts to raise money for
improvements in the hospital. One of their most popular fundraisers is the Bakeless Bake Sale. Instead
of soliciting baked goods for a sale, the Auxiliary instead sends out a mailing, asking its supporters to just
donate what it might cost to bake a cake. This year, the Bakeless Bake Sale raised a record $3336.00 —
more than double what it normally brings in.

This is in thanks to PMH employee Bill Liebman. Bill challenged his friends around the country to donate
to the Bakeless Bake Sale, with a goal to exceed whatever the Auxiliary brought in on its own. Bill sent
out his own special mailing to his friends and raised $1776.00, with 16 different states represented. The
Auxiliary’s normal mailing list brought in $1595.00. In addition, an artisan friend of Bill’s who lives in
Maine donated two beautiful, handmade ceramic bowls to be sold in the Auxiliary’s gift shop.
The Auxiliary is so appreciative of Bill and his efforts to make this fundraiser such a success. His
enthusiasm and willingness to help are to be commended.

Anyone interested in the work of the Auxiliary is encouraged to attend one of their monthly meetings.
Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 11am in the hospital Conference Room. You
can commit as much or as little time to the group as you wish; you are just asked to be willing to work
towards the good of the hospital. If you have questions, please contact Edwina Garber at 304-456-4117
or Sara Casto at 304-799-7400 ext 1020.