PMH Celebrates 20 Years in Current Facility

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital staff, board, and friends celebrated a very special birthday on Thursday, October 22nd. Barbara Lay, CEO of PMH, welcomed employees, board members, and guests to the celebration before introducing Al Lawson. Mr. Lawson was the CEO at the time of the construction and opening of the current facility. Mr. Lawson shared his memories and commended the PMH family for the work they continue to do. Cake and punch was then served and enjoyed by all.

Marlinton Hospital and Infirmary was first established by the County Court in 1906. Some twenty years later, it was renamed Pocahontas Memorial Hospital as a tribute to the men and women who served in the military from Pocahontas County.

After the devastating ’85 flood, serious discussion began of relocating the hospital from its downtown location. With hospital board, staff, and community support, work began to build a hospital on the hill above Marlinton. PMH employees forfeited money from their own paychecks to help build the new facility. And in October 1995, the hospital opened its doors at its present location in Buckeye.

PMH staff and board celebrate at the entrance of the hospitalThe difficulties of the last one hundred years have certainly been great and the future promises to only bring more challenges, but the one constant throughout has been the unwavering support of the community. Now, as we mark twenty years in this location, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital wants to remember the vision and fortitude of all those who struggled and worked so hard to build the new facility. It is hard to imagine what life might be like in this rural place without our county hospital.