Pocahontas Memorial Hospital Opening Public Pharmacy in Early Fall 2022

BUCKEYE, WEST VIRGINIA, APRIL 11, 2022 – Pocahontas Memorial Hospital Administration is excited to  announce that they will be opening a public retail pharmacy in early Fall 2022. The new pharmacy  will be located in the former Pocahontas Pharmacy Building on Duncan Road and will be called PMH  Pharmacy. 

Renovations have already begun on the space and staff are eager to unveil the new pharmacy.  PMH Pharmacy will be headed up by Amy Sharp Kelley, PharmD and will be open to patients,  employees, and community members. “I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve our  community again in this role! I will strive to provide Pocahontas County with local, dependable,  and friendly pharmacy service!” says Kelley. 

PMH Pharmacy will be recruiting an additional pharmacist as well as technicians this summer. 

PMH Administration has just wrapped up a comprehensive county wide Community Health Needs  Assessment and one of the top needs identified was more pharmacy options. “We are so pleased to  be able to deliver on this particular community need so quickly! We are proud to be able to  continue the legacy of Jim Burks’s original pharmacy, in a small part, in utilizing the space he  created,” Andrew Bair, Chief Executive Officer says. 

An official opening date will be announced at a later time. Be sure to watch the @pmhwv Facebook  page for future sneak peeks of the space, contests, and polls.