Ambulance Services

Our commitment to the community.

The Pocahontas Memorial Hospital Ambulance Service is a division of the hospital’s Emergency Services. The PMH Ambulance Service is an “A” rated EMS agency as accredited by the West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services. All of our paramedics are trained IFT3 advanced level providers. When necessary, we utilize our critical care trained nurses, physicians, and respiratory therapists for specialty care transfers.

In 2022, we responded to 542 total calls, with 179 of those calls being 911 calls.  Our Ambulance Service traveled 83,931.3 miles.

Services available. 

The primary function of the ambulance service is to provide interfacility transfers from Pocahontas Memorial Hospital to higher levels of care.  Our EMS also provide the following services to our guests, residents, and communities:

  • EMT-Bs and Paramedics work in conjunction with the trauma team and Emergency Department to enhance patient care experiences and to keep our skills superior.
  • Medically necessary non-emergency transports to and from doctor’s offices, dialysis, hospitals, nursing homes, or other specialty resource centers.
  • Respond to assist our county fire and ambulance squads through the Mutual Aid Agreement as necessary for emergencies.
  • Offer continuing education and EMS education programs through our West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services Training Institute to all county EMS departments free of charge.
  • Offer First Aid, CPR, and other OSHA and regulatory classes to the community through our Training Institute.
  • Event/function crew stand-by.
  • We are active in disaster preparedness, planning, and training for our county.
  • Our squad is represented and active with the Pocahontas County EMS Authority as a voting member.

Contact us today.

If you need to arrange for non-emergency services, please contact us at 304-799-7400 ext 1010.