Diabetes Education and Management

Our commitment to the community.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 15% of people in West Virginia have been diagnosed with diabetes and 8.7% prediabetes.  Individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and other serious complications including kidney failure, blindness, and amputations.  Too frequently, those with diabetes believe misconceptions that they can never eat sweets or bread again.  They feel overwhelmed with diabetes management and avoid education and treatment altogether.  Our diabetes self-management education program helps these patients gain the knowledge and skills needed to modify their behaviors and successfully self-manage the disease.  Learning how to properly manage diabetes can prevent many long term health complications and allows patients to take charge of their health.    

You do not need to feel overwhelmed and defeated with diabetes. Managing diabetes can look different for each person depending on age, school or work schedule, activity and exercise level, eating habits, and any special medical conditions.  Individual self-management behavioral changes and realistic goals will help you get your diabetes under control.

Services available. 

  • “B-N-Charge” is an American Diabetes Association recognized series of diabetes self-management classes taught at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. The program includes multiple sessions to be completed at the participants pace and concentrated on their personal needs. Topics include healthy coping, healthy eating, being active, taking medication, monitoring, reducing risks, and problem solving.  “B-N-Charge” gives you the education and resources needed to control diabetes and is suitable for those just diagnosed or who have had diabetes for years.  The classes are covered by most health insurance plans; however a physician referral is required.  Please call Amy with any questions or for a referral form.


Contact us today.

Contact Amy Kelley, PharmD by phone at 304-799-1077; or email akelley@pmhwv.org.

Amy Kelley

PharmD, Diabetes Educator

Amy is available to help anyone in the community – not just hospital patients.  Amy can help you develop the knowledge and skills including healthy eating choices, physical activity plans, medication education and community support available to ensure you take charge of your health.